CBI Service

The company uses several banks and may operate with them using a single online link, with the following advantages:


  • there is no need to visit the bank's premises;
  • all banks can be reached through a single online connection;
  • the same method is used to receive information on several accounts, and to give instructions;
  • instructions and information can be sent to the bank quickly;
  • contractual guarantees on service levels;
  • guarantees on confidentiality and data security;
  • a single bank can be a contact point for any technical or transmission issues;
  • the company's accounting and financial management, as well as its administration, commercial and inventories management, is optimised;
  • lower management costs.


Service quality levels are guaranteed by CBI S.c.p.a., which can transmit service standards and rules and ensure that they are complied with by banks and the structures they use.


CBI S.c.p.a. - Fiscal Code 97249640588

R.E.A. N. 1205568 - Registered Capital 920.474 euro i.v. - VAT Identification  08992631005