The Board has the exclusive competence to manage the Consortium.

In particular, the Board:

  1. carries out action strategies of the Consortium in compliance with trends and general guidelines set by the Assembly and fosters initiatives aimed at fulfilling the Consortium goals;
  2. takes decisions about  the management of the CBI Trade Mark and the related Regulation, about the adoption of other Trade Marks and about the possibility of making these Trade Marks mandatory for every Consortium member;
  3. sets the main features of the services bearing the Consortium Trade Mark or other Trade Marks adopted according to the former point 2), and approves the Norms, even from a technical point of view, intended to regulate  the relations among Consortium members and among the same Consortium Members and the Clients;
  4. drafts the General Admission Regulation (see Article 5.1 of the Consortium Statute);
  5. defines characteristics, supply conditions as well as the general level of the services and the control mechanisms of the abidance by the abovementioned services;
  6. takes decisions about the definition of the parameters to be used in order to fix the contributions to be paid by each Consortium member;
  7. approves the annual budget and, according to the latter, fixes the ordinary fees and possible extraordinary contributions to be approved by the Assembly;
  8. takes decisions about the amount of contributions to be paid by Consortium members for the Trade Marks user license and for the subscription to the Consortium Lists;
  9. takes decisions about the adoption of new services, of promotion and advertising initiatives, according to the budget approved by the Assembly;
  10. drafts the annual Balance Sheet and the report on the performed activity to be approved by the Assembly;
  11. approves the requests to join the Consortium, upon prior evaluation of the requirements of the applicants;
  12. takes decisions about the Consortium members requests for stock selling;
  13. drafts the Statute modifications to be submitted to the approval of the Assembly;
  14. defines conditions, criteria and amount of benefits and sanctions connected to the implementation of incentives/sanctioning mechanisms;
  15. takes decisions about the admission, the exclusion or the withdrawal of Consortium members:
  16. takes decisions about modifications of the list attached under letter "A" of the Consortium Statute, containing the list of all the Consortium Members;
  17. takes decisions about any legal transaction;
  18. takes decisions about the terms of use of Consortium services by Consortium members and third parties:
  19. takes decisions about the conclusion of agreements and conventions with other companies,         bodies and third parties;
  20. takes decisions about all those subject that, according to the Statute, are not within the authority of a specific Body.

Members of the Board


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