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In 2010 the Consorzio CBI launched a project with the Department of the Inland Revenue (later incorporated into the National Revenue Service) with the objective of analysing possible procedures for streamlining interactions with financial institutions. This collaboration falls within the scope of the framework agreement between ABI and the Agency, signed on 23 December 2009 with the aim of identifying and setting out activities of reciprocal institutional interest such as improvement of the Agency's real estate data and services.

Specifically, the Consorzio CBI and the Agency launched the project "Telematic Payments from the SISTER portal" with the aim of creating an efficient model of cooperation between the web portal managed by the Agency and financial institutions, facilitating access to financial services, instruments and information.


Information useful for clients is also available on the "SISTER" portal( of the Revenue Agency.

The service model

The service model used by the CBI to meet the Agency's requirements includes the following players:


User: the person using the services offered on the SISTER portal. The user can operate under specific conventions with the Agency, and must provide a credit balance by transferring the funds needed to obtain these services.


Online SISTER service Portal: a website giving online access to the Agency's services.


CBI Access Point: a technology structure managed by the Consorzio CBI in a super-partes capacity, in which most Italian financial institutions participate. It enables the SISTER portal to send CBI-accredited financial institutions payment instructions in the standard CBI format, and then receive the corresponding advices.


CBI Network: a network infrastructure used to deliver the CBI Service, as defined in the technical documentation referred to in the CBI Standards, available at: Servizio CBI > Standard


User intermediary: The Consortium Member Institution receiving the debit instructions for its clients' accounts from the SISTER portal. It is the same as the CBI Executing Bank as defined in the general CBI Service standards.


Agency Intermediary: the financial institution at which the Agency's current account is held.


An outline of the service model is given below:

1) Once users have verified the service activation procedures with their Intermediaries (see list of participating intermediaries below), they are connected to the SISTER Portal and a request for payment by credit transfer is sent, with an indication of the account number from which the money is to be drawn and a digital signature;


2) The SISTER Portal composes the payment request according to the CBI "XML SEPA Payment Instructions" standard, and using the CBI Access Point services sends it to the Intermediary indicated by the user, verifying that the intermediary is authorised to use the services;


3) The User's Intermediary debits the user's current account, and carries out any additional checks on the instructions that may be required by internal policy. The Intermediary then sends the debit advice to the SISTER Portal using the CBI Access Point Service, in the format required by the "XML debit transfer/ordinary form to the Originator" function;


4) The User Intermediary executes the transfer to the Credit Intermediary.


5) The Credit Intermediary communicates receipt of the funds to the SISTER Portal.


6) The SISTER Portal provides the user with the service requested.


Subscription to service - Consortium Intermediaries' side


Any Consortium Member interested in obtaining the service must submit a "Service Activation Request" to the Consorzio CBI, providing the information that Users require for service requests, as well as a brief summary of the service activation procedure on the User side.


These communications can be sent:


a) by fax to 06/6767688


b) by certified email to


with the following heading: "Subscription to payments from SISTER portal", taking care to attach the application form which can be downloaded by consortium members only. The form must be completed with all the information required and must be signed by a representative of the institution.


The downloadable file contains a list of the financial institutions who have subscribed to the service.


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