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CBI Globe
CBI Globe

CBI Globe is the international Open Banking ecosystem which facilitates the interconnection among Payment Service Providers through APIs and allows the development of advanced fintech services to meet the growing needs of corporate and retail customers

Over 80% of the Italian financial industry already uses CBI Globe’s RegTech solution, taking advantage of various benefits and having a collaborative, modular and flexible solution available to comply with all the technical and functional requirements of PSD2.

Besides the regulatory APIs developed to comply with PSD2 (Directive 2015/2366/EU), with the CBI Globe Active Functionality intermediaries can also act as a “third party” reaching 100% of Italian current accounts and the main European hubs, thus expanding the range of services available to their customers and leveraging the opportunity to develop Value-Added Services within Open Banking.

CBI Globe also allows customers to take advantage of a set of proven shared services and focus on the development of innovative differentiating services, leaving the integration of ASPSPs and third parties and maintenance of the technological infrastructure to CBI.



We analyse new service proposals from the market and develop them collaboratively. Value-added services will be offered through the platform on a “cost sharing” basis thanks to “shared” access according to Open Banking and Data Economy logics.



We allow members to develop proprietary value-added solutions to be offered competitively to their customers by taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the platform.


We also make it easier for Intermediaries to operate in the Open Banking environment: along with providing highly specialised consultancy, we distribute eIDAS certificates under PSD2 issued by a leading Certification Authority, guiding customers through the entire process of requesting the authorisations to operate as a Third Party.




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