The Global Open Banking Report


Financial Service Industry is living an in-depth transformation both from a technological and regulatory standpoint. This transformation is leading financial players towards new Business Models and the possibility to develop always more innovative solutions to fight and enhance competitiveness in the Financial Services arena, especially in the medium-long term. This new paradigm ground its basis on an ecosystem logic, where the value for final client is usually created through a collaborative approach among players which operates within the same sector or even cross-sectors: “Open” models originates from the creation of such collaborative ecosystems, based on the twofold sharing of data and services. The Report has been realized with the aim to provide a comprehensive overview on Open Banking, in particular, it includes the following sections:

  • Open Banking at a glance: overview on objectives/drivers and key players of the ecosystem;
  • Global benchmark: spotlight on initiatives at global level, with a focus on drivers that led countries to approach Open Banking;
  • European Context: offerings, actors and trends: overview on APIs offering from leading European players and additional insights on collaborative and standardization initiatives;
  • Italian market: key players & CBI role: overview on key players in the market with a focus both on relevant market trends and CBI role in the ecosystem;
  • Open Banking and beyond: relevant use cases: overview on selected use cases from best-in-class market players;
  • Towards Open Finance: conclusion and outlook on Open Finance;
  • Interviews to CBI Board Members, Italian Market and Institutional Players: opinions from CBI Board Members, key Open Banking players CEOs and Italian Institutional Players.

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