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CBILL Service
CBILL Service

CBILL allows online consultation and payment of bills issued by “Billers” (electricity, water, gas, insurance bills, etc.) as well as pagoPA payment notices issued by the Public Administration (taxes, levies, duties, road tax, etc.).

Therefore, CBILL may be offered by Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to all debtor customers, who will be able to pay their bills and pagoPA payment notices in multichannel mode (Home Banking, ATM, mobile banking, over-the-counter and others), and to corporate creditor customers, in the role of Billers, who will be able to send billing data to their customers, enabling their automatic online payment.


Migliori in Italia - Campioni del Servizio 2024

In the month of October 2023, for the third consecutive year, CBILL service was awarded the price of “Best in Italy- Top smart payment service 2023(*)”.

CBI is particularly proud of this achievement, that recognizes the vision and ability to think forward of the Italian Finance Sector, that has since the beginning proved to be a forerunner in the development of advanced digital payment services with the launch of CBILL in 2014, aware of its enormous service potential to business, public and citizens alike.

The Award for CBILL was confirmed by the German Institute for Financial Control (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza-ITQF), a leader in financial enquiries and quality deals- and its media partner “La Repubblica Affari & Finanza”. 

(*) “Quality seal issued by ITQF (The German Institute for Quality and Finance) against a fee for an annual license. For more information on research results and methodology:".


PSPs can join the CBILL service to offer it either to the creditor Biller or to the retail or corporate debtor customer.

Offering CBILL to the Biller customer will allow PSPs to have accurate and quick information on payments received and reduce the number of anomalies to be handled for late payments.

 The main advantages for the Biller are:

  • extension of the commercial offer for users: they can pay through their online banks, with various payment systems;
  • improved efficiency: transactions are quicker, more secure and traceable;
  • accounts reconciliation processes are simplified;
  • collections are guaranteed thanks to the irrevocability of payment;
  • it is possible to reach a higher number of online users, both retail and corporate;
  • the service can be customised to suit specific requirements.

Offering CBILL to retail and corporate customers means giving the possibility to consult and pay bills through Home Banking/Corporate Banking, mobile banking apps, ATMs, at the bank counter and through other distribution channels developed by the PSP.

Other advantages include:

  • ease of payment;
  • offering of an innovative service
  • high levels of security in online transactions;
  • availability of payment notification;
  • warning if payment has already been made through other channels and thus eliminating the risk of double payments.



CBILL is one of the channels enabled on pagoPA, and allows citizens to pay in a simple, fast and secure manner all of the payment notices issued by the Public Administrations participating in pagoPA, including road tax, fines, taxes, healthcare tickets, school meals and other services provided by the Public Administration. This does not only make for better relations between banking institutions and the Public Administration, but it also provides citizens with state-of-the-art and efficient payment services.

The website shows the list of Billers and Public Administrations and PSPs already participating in CBILL as well as pagoPA.





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