About us

About Us

CBI boasting more than 400 banks and financial intermediaries as members and customers. We could be defined as the technological innovation and digitisation hub for the national and international banking and financial industry, serving companies, citizens and the Public Administration.

We have been “behind the scenes” for more than 20 years, developing interoperable payment infrastructure and services aiming to make life easier for companies and citizens in their digital relations with banks and financial intermediaries, and with the Public Administration, contributing to the country’s digitalisation process.

Since the 1990s, the Italian banking sector, under the leadership of the Associazione Bancaria Italiana - ABI (Italian Banking Association), has been a pioneer in the process of creating interbank ecosystems.  CBI is a tangible and rewarding testament to this, still driving innovation and the creation of collaborative ecosystems in response to the ever faster and more competitive demands of the payments market.

The creation of interbank ecosystems promotes innovation, by sharing rules, standards and common business models in self-regulation, to ensure reachability and interoperability among all of the players in the ecosystem. This allows each player in the ecosystem to use the shared, efficient and reliable infrastructure and to offer their customers a high added-value service on a competitive basis, while reducing operating costs.

Based on these guidelines, in 1995 ABI and the relevant commercial banks set up the first interbank agreements to develop the CBI Service for Interbank Corporate Banking. This led to establishing the Association for Interbank Corporate Banking (ACBI) on 19 December 2001, which was followed on 28 May 2008 by Consorzio CBI - Customer to Business Interaction, becoming CBI S.c.p.a. on 26 June 2019.

In order to respond to the changing market scenario, in recent years CBI has always developed service standards and technological infrastructure according to a collaborative logic, to bring together all of the players in the financial ecosystem at a domestic and international level. Payment services and digital information, designed by CBI and offered individually by banks and other intermediaries, make life easier for citizens and companies and facilitate access to PA.

Furthermore, CBI is “green by design”: digitising processes and reporting systems has always been at our core, making us eco-compliant by nature.









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