Butterfly Effects

CBI Effect


In more than 20 years we have learned that in a market as competitive as ours, it's mostly the details that make the difference.

Because they are what make a service distinctive, making it recognizable and appreciated.

The attention for detail originates from insights, small seeds of ideas that, in a collaborative innovation ecosystem like ours, grow rapidly and quickly develop into finished and innovative solutions.

Because it is precisely within this ecosystem that these ideas, comparable to small flutters of wings, transform into a truly energetic and proactive innovation at the service of those who choose our services to do business.

This is the CBI effect.

Just as in the so-called butterfly effect and chaos theory in economics, we strive to observe and understand the phenomena that consistently arise in the market. This includes challenging widely used models and references because everything is improvable. Sometimes, all it takes is a flap of wings to push your successes a little further.




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