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Following the entry into force of PSD2, the EBA was mandated to develop regulatory technical standards (RTS) on Strong Customer Authentication and Common Secure Communications. Article 32(3) of the RTS requires ASPSPs that have implemented a dedicated interface to ensure that the interface does not create obstacles to the provision of payment initiation and account information services. To further specify what aspects of practical implementations can be regarded as obstacles, a number of queries and issues have been raised by market participants with the EBA and NCAs. To this effect, the EBA has published in June 2020 the Opinion on obstacles under Article 32(3) of the RTS on SCA and CSC.

The Opinion on Obstacles (§16) clarified that if an ASPSP has implemented a redirection or decoupled approach and enables its Payment Service Users (PSUs) to authenticate using the ASPSP’s mobile banking app or a dedicated app to directly access their payment accounts or initiate a payment, the ASPSP should enable that PSU is redirected from the AISP/PISP’s app to the ASPSP’s authentication app. This use case took the name of “app-to-app redirection” or simply “app-to-app”.

Taking that into account, CBI, along with CBI Globe Service's participant ASPSPs, has prepared the "App-to-App Implementation Guidelines" document. The document outlines a set of suggested implementation guidelines, best practices and observations.

To prepare the document, CBI has performed a deep analysis on how the app-to-app experience is currently implemented and the advantages or drawback of every possible solution.

With the aim of providing a comprehensive and structured framework for app-to-app experience, CBI has launched a Public Consultation on the document, that is open to the players operating in the Open Banking market and to any prospect member registered on the CBI Portal.

Public Consultation is open until 22 october 2022.

To share your feedback in the Consultation log in or, if you have not registered yet, register using the button on the top right hand side.







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