The Directive 2015/2366/EU, known as  PSD2  aims to define a common legal framework for the payment market in the European economic area in order to expand the level of integration and efficiency in the market and increase the protection level of consumers.

The introduction of the Directive involve substantial investment in technical adjustments in line with the requirements imposed by PSD2. The  Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP)  in fact need to create technical interfaces to communicate with  Third Parties (TPP)  and to manage payment and information operations initialised by users through such parties. This provision also introduce important business opportunities in the payment market, exploitable by the PSPs by offering new services to their customers.


Thus was born the  CBI Globe  Service, an international collaborative platform capable of simplifying the communication between TPPs and ASPSPs, minimising the technical and operational impacts and investments arising from the adaptation to the new legislation. opportunities provided by the PSD2. But CBI Globe is much more: it enables International Open Banking "Roaming" allowing PSPs to reach the accounts held with intermediaries active throughout Europe and to support the development of innovative services.


The platform is integrated with 80% of the italian banking market and ensures many benefits to PSPs , allowing them to communicate with the TPPs through a safe and reliable solution where the "shared services" will be centralised and not borne by the individual ASPSPs (i.e. TPP recognition, activity monitoring, help desk, solution and documentation technical update, and more).



For more information visit the website  www.cbiglobe.com or contact cbiglobe@cbi-org.eu.

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