The value of the Stardards


The value of the standards in the financial environment and the role of Consorzio CBI



When participants in a given industrial market communicate through a network, standards are key to ensuring that users of the network can interoperate and communicate in a coherent and understandable manner. Interoperability is a vital part of the financial services industry and can only be guaranteed through the application of specific rules: financial standards.


Regulators and governments are increasingly looking at standards as a way to enable innovation, competition, security and financial stability.


Industry standards establish agreed methods for participants and users to be able to interact in a secure, reliable and predictable way.


For a model to be effective, it must:

  • meet users' express requirements;
  • be understood by users;
  • be approved by users.


The fulfilment of these conditions forms the basis for the standard to be adopted by a growing number of users. The analysis and definition of standards is fundamentally important in the development of effective, efficient communications services.In fact, the existence of a standard dramatically reduces the costs of electronic conversation between different actors in the chain, since they rely on a single shared reference that is recognised by everyone and always centralised, thus creating further savings.


In this regard, Consorzio CBI defines operational frameworks for the complete definition of cooperative services and functions that fully meet the business requirements of companies and banks (PSP) belonging to the Consortium.


CBI frameworks include:

  • Technical rules on the delivery of functions on the Network infrastructure;
  • Guidelines on content and the representation of information.


Consorzio CBI therefore acts mainly as a facilitator for the adoption of standardised procedures. CBI specifications, where required, are also an implementation of ISO20022 standards, considered a worldwide benchmark for the provision of telematic financial services, constituting an application available to the financial industry in Italy, including branches of foreign banks and Payment Institutions allowed to operate under the auspices of the Bank of Italy.


CBI technical documentation represents the basis for the creation of software programmes and Internet banking interfaces.


It covers all of the Consortium’s main business areas, grouped into three main categories:

-      CBI service: technical standards for the treasury and payment functions of companies;

-      CBILL/pagoPA service: technical standards for bank-biller interoperability and flows of reversal/statements of expenses-paid accounts, both by private individuals and firms;

-      Access point services: rules, usually based on CBI standard functions, for interaction between banks and PA, through the intermediation of the network node managed by Consorzio CBI.


Consorzio CBI

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