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In implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed on 28 November 2012 and 1 June 2017 , the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the National Council of Notaries (CNN) have launched an initiative relating to the possibility of connecting banks and notaries via electronic channels with the aim of developing an electronic platform  for banks, financial intermediaries and notaries to transfer documents and information necessary to finalising loan disbursement and transfer procedures, while ensuring maximum observance of security standards and the full traceability of operations.


As the technical partners designated, respectively by ABI and CNN, CBI S.c.p.a. and Notartel S.p.A. have thus created an electronic platform connecting banks and notaries.


The infrastructure, in which notaries, banks and financial intermediaries, as well as all other parties whose operations include the granting of mortgage loans in accordance with the provisions of Art. 106 of Legislative Decree No. 385 of 1 September 1993 (the Consolidated Banking Act), may elect to participate, is intended to reduce the total time required to finalise mortgage disbursement and transfer procedures, thereby significantly increasing market efficiency, in accordance with applicable security standards and provisions of law.


In this regard, it should be recalled that the initiative in question is to consist of two distinct phases:


  • during the first phase, the platform will be intended to support mortgage disbursement procedures only;
  • during the second phase, the platform will also permit remortgage procedures.




Other documents are available by accessing the Protected Area.


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