AOS (Additional Optional Services)


As part of the work on SEPA, CBI has defined Channel-specific AOS (CBI) in addition to the additional optional services stemming from the SCT C2B Implementation Guidelines:


  • Advice to Initiating Party and Beneficiary: the specifications of this service, compliant with the SEPA Credit Transfer Rulebook and the relevant Implementation Guidelines, have already been issued by CBI, together with notification of the beneficiary acceptance date.
  • Extended Remittance Information: this function is incorporated in the SEPA-compliant Credit transfer, ensuring that more information is made available by the CBI channel (see Advice to Beneficiary) compared to the restriction defined in the interbank SEPA;
  • AOS SEDA: this function, available from 14 October 2013, is integrated into the SEPA Direct Debit and allows electronic alignment of archives between the creditor and the debtor agent, in fully accordance with the national interbank AOS defined by ABI.


Enterprises recognise the key role of CBI Services as an access channel to the banking industry capable of enhancing the offer of evolved AOS, which are needed in order for SEPA to be a true benefit to enterprises.


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