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One of the important functions that CBI Members can offer their clients is the “End-to-end sending of structured documentation” Service (e-Invoicing), which forms part of the Document Management Services Area.


This service was developed partly because it can be connected to other financial services (such as invoice advances, payment and reconciliation, archiving, disputes management and documentary credits etc), some of which are offered in the competitive environment.


The aim is to facilitate the dematerialization and integration of processes in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) relationships.


The e-invoice, which is a link between the administrative and financial processes, is an important part of the move towards a more complete integration of the entire order/delivery/invoicing/payment cycle within the organisations, and particularly in the network of relations with clients and suppliers.

The services offered by consortium members through the CBI allow a company, by generating an invoice from an order, to request payment by including details that will reconcile the invoice with the incoming funds when the payment is received.


The electronic method obviously facilitates the archiving, searching, exchange and reconciliation phases, thus making the entire commercial/logistics/financial chain entirely automated.

The invoice can be advanced (funded) by the bank, also electronically, to ensure optimal cash flow management. In addition to faster, simpler processes, integration between the invoice and payments/loans offers considerable savings of up to 70-80% compared to the operating costs involved in

ordinary paper billing.




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