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A technical standard is a formal reference used for the exchange of compatible, interoperable information


For a model to be effective, it must:

  • meet users' requirements;
  • be understood by users;
  • be approved by users;


The fulfilment of these conditions forms the basis for use of the standard by a growing number of users.

The analysis and definition of standards is fundamentally important in developing effective, efficient communications services .


The standards defined by the Consortium are intended to provide a complete definition of the Functions which fully satisfy the business requirements of firms and banks.


CBI standards include:

  • Technical rules on the delivery of functions on the Network infrastructure;
  • Guidelines on content and the representation of information.


The Consorzio CBI is mainly a standardization body.

The CBI's specifications are aligned with ISO20022, which is considered to be a global landmark in the delivery of online financial services.


CBI's technical documentation represents the basis for the creation of software programs and corporate banking interfaces.



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