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About Us
CBI people are courageous:
we have the strength to take on challenging paths. We are not afraid to take risks by revolutionising consolidated ideas and behaviours.
CBI people strive for excellence:
we have a proactive approach to everyday challenges and issues, and always seek to improve our relational and professional skills with a view to optimising our results wherever possible.
CBI people are determined:
we are committed to achieving our targets. We overcome difficulties through perseverance, focusing our resources and energies in order to fully achieve the expected results.
CBI people have vision:
we focus on innovation and seek to anticipate potential changes in the market by using our powers of analysis and intuition.
CBI people are cooperative:
we treat each other with courtesy, respect and loyalty, creating a climate of unconditional collaboration, a spirit of common service and the right environment for personal and professional growth.
CBI people feel that they belong to their group, and that the CBI belongs to them:
we are proud to be part of a dynamic organisation that serves the banking and financial sector in Italy and abroad.
Find out more about our philosophy by reading the CBI Charter of Values:

Carta dei Valori CBI


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