Tax Registry

Access Point

In connection with the laws requiring the banking industry to communicate with the Tax Registry, CBI S.c.p.a. is one of the Access Points enabled for telematic data interchange with Sogei S.p.A, which operates on behalf of the Revenue Agency to collect the sensitive data required by law.


Financial Operators are obliged to report many items to the Tax Registry, which is an important oversight and reconnaissance tool to verify all individuals and companies with an Italian tax identification number. The creation of this database, and in particular the Financial Accounts Archive, enables the institutions to quickly access the data and to instantly identify the banks or Financial Operators with which the parties have accounts.


The optional “Tax Registry Transmission communications” service stems from the requirement to allow CBI Financial Operators to send communications on current account annual balances and transactions to the Revenue Agency using the CBI Access Point Services. This allows the CBI Member Institutions to fulfil the reporting obligations introduced by the Revenue Agency Director in Measure No. 2013/37561 of 25 March 2013.


The Measure and its annexes sets out the model to be used by a Financial Operator to report annual account balances to the Revenue Agency using the Data Interchange System (SID).


This model is based on interactions between four players, which have different characteristics depending on the role played in the process:


  • Financial Operators: obligated parties who intend to use the SID platform for the transmission of communications.
  • Interchange Access Points: Financial Operators can use Intermediaries to connect with the Data Interchange System.
  • Data Interchange System: supervises the receipt and subsequent forwarding of communications to the Revenue Agency.
  • Revenue Agency: the recipient of the communications passing through the Data Interchange System.


To enable a CBI Financial Operator to send the signed and encrypted file of account balances to the Revenue Agency through the CBI Access Bank (which may be the same Operator), a model has been defined, in which the CBI Access Point acts as a link between the CBI Network and the Data Interchange System, as shown in Figure 1.


Model of CBI Service

CBI members can see the specifications for transmission within the CBI network in the reserved area CBI Documentation/Other documentation.


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