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In 2012, in implementation of current legislation, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) created an "Electronic platform for Receivables Certification" enabling P.A. creditors to request the certification of receivables for amounts due for administration, provision and tender contracts. This will also track any subsequent operations of advance payment, compensation, sale or payment, for certified receivables.

The convention signed on 22 October 2012 by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF) defines the way in which banks and financial intermediaries can access the online platform, to verify:

  • existence of the certification, its authenticity, the amounts, whether or not the receivable has already been assigned or advanced by other intermediaries, or has been partly paid or offset by the PA.
  • if the receivables have been assigned, reports can be issued to the PA informing them of the transfer of ownership or, in the case of advances, an irrevocable collection mandate can be obtained
  • to allow banks and intermediaries to carry out the operations needed to obtain certification on behalf of the PA's creditor.

CBI S.c.p.a. was identified as the interface to be used by the disbursing parties (banks and financial intermediaries) for connection with the MEF electronic platform.

In particular CBI, in agreement with Consip S.p.A. (the company used by MEF), has singled out a technical solution enabling access to the MEF platform by disbursing parties.

This solution provides for the interface of the disbursing parties with the MEF platform using CBI Access Point Services. The disbursing parties can thus use the CBI Access Point to obtain online access to the MEF platform. Disbursing parties can connect with the CBI Access Point through the CBI Network, in compliance with currently operational services. Disbursing parties that are not CBI Members can access the service through one of the enabled CBI Members, in the following list:


Links to other websites of interest: Ministero dell'Economia e Finanze - Piattaforma Elettronica per la Certificazione dei Crediti.

Below is a summary representation of the advances and tansfers of certified receivables services.


The CBI Access Point Service for Access to the MEF Receivables Certification Platform, active since 10 April 2013, now enables all Italian, Financial Institutions whether CBI Members or not to:

  • View data concerning commercial receivables owed by the Public Administrations that they themselves have certified,
  • Receive notification of the advance payment or sale of the receivables (i.e. in case of the sale of these receivables - the PA of the purchase of the ownership of the receivables or in case of advance, the acquisition of an irrevocable mandate upon collection).


The updated list of Consortium Members may be found on the CBI web portal.



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