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The project CAPACI - Creating Automated Procedures Against Criminal Infiltration of public contracts represents the evolution on an international scale of the Financial Monitoring project, whose service model, based on the CBI Access Point Services, was developed by CBI at the request of the Ministry of the Interior and other institutional parties such as the Office of the Prime Minister – Department for Programming and Coordination of Economic Policy (DIPE), the Ministry of the Economy and Finance - Department of the Treasury, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Large Infrastructure Projects Oversight Committee and the Anti-Mafia Investigative Office (DIA).


In particular these parties have expressed the need to monitor financial flows linked to large public infrastructure projects, both to acquire greater knowledge as to how public monies are spent and above all, to support investigations to prevent the infiltration of organized crime in public contracts.


Progetto CAPACI

A trial of the new Financial Monitoring was launched in July 2009 because of the construction of the T5 segment of the Rome Metro C line. It was extended, thanks to financing from the European Commission to the CAPACI project, presented by the Ministry of the Interior in partnership with CBI and Formez PA – at the Variante di Cannitello [Cannitello Cutoff] and the Large Pompei Project. Downloads of the relevant Memoranda of Understanding are available.

Recently, the Ministry of the Interior and DIPE began work on the extension of the trial on a new large public works project: construction of the M4 Milan Metro, whose first segment is to be activated in May 2015 for the Milan EXPO, providing a functional and convenient connection between the Linate Airport and the Rho Fiera Exposition Centre.


As concerns the international project, one of the objectives presented to the European Commission concerns support for the spread of Italian best practices in foreign communities. This objective has been pursued by the European Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, chaired by Hon. Sonia Alfano – to whom the Prefect Bruno Frattasi, CAPACI Project Leader gave an outline of the project (there is a video of his speech on the European Parliament website), and also in other EC countries (Spain, Switzerland and Croatia), which were visited by members of an Italian delegation composed of representatives from DIPE, DIA, Formez and CBI.


In addition to the memoranda of understanding, the enterprises involved in the project can also access a guidebook, in the Reserved Area, which summarises the requirements laid down in the memoranda for access to the monitoring service.

Also available are the technical standards on XML SEPA payment instructions, and a sample XML file.


The CAPACI project was recently mentioned in the “Report of the Commission to the European Council and Parliament on the fight against corruption in Italy” as one of the best practices for public tenders and contract management in the fight against organised crime thanks to sending financial flows to a database monitored by the authorities.



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