Certification Kit

CBI Service

Any party on the New CBI Architecture using or developing an application for the diagnosis of files and CBI messages must submit it to a certification and self certification process determined by the CBI.


This is done to ensure that all diagnostics used on the New CBI Architecture cover a significant group of functions in order to optimize the dialogue between applications governed by different technical structures.


This is because CBI certification is awarded on the basis of tests which, as such, cannot cover all the possibilities of errors in compiling individual fields in the logical supports. In any case, the operators will need to carry out their own checks in addition to, and not instead of the ones carried out by the CBI.


The documentation in this section is intended to set out the main steps, activities and documentation in the certification process in order to obtain, for each diagnostic, a certificate from the CBI S.c.p.a. Administration Office, which will determine its suitability for use in the new services and porting flows of the existing CBI Services.

The reference email for this section is: certificazionediagnostici@cbi-org.eu .


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