The basic rules governing the Consorzio CBI are contained in the Bylaws.


The bylaws were drafted according to an evolutionary approach, with reference to existing and future EC legislation (including the Payment Services Directive - PSD). This is proved by the fact that non-banking operators can also join the Consortium.


On 20 February 2014, the Extraordinary Assembly approved various amendments to the corporate object (articles 4 and 5), which now refers to group services and no longer merely to the CBI service, a reference to alternatives to registered mail to notify the right of withdrawal (art. 7); the elimination of the Technical Administration Department whose tasks have been allocated to the director general and, where relevant, to other Consortium offices (articles 5, 13, 14 and 15); the financial endowment of the Consortium (articles 12, 17 and 19) and broader reference to the consortium's trademarks (art. 12).



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Consorzio CBI

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