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The funding model of the Customer to Business Interaction Consortium was reviewed on 9 June 2009, as follows.


At the time of admission, applicants wishing to join the Consorzio CBI  must pay:


  • the one-off membership fee, as required by article 17(1) of the Bylaws;
  • the one-off admission fee quantified according to the size of the institution, in accordance with article 2(e) of the CBI Admission Regulations.


On the basis of the CBI Executive Board decision of 9 June 2009, each member must also pay, annually:

  1. a fixed fee;
  2. a variable fee calculated according to the number of active and passive users declared by each member.


In order to limit the excessive impact of changes in the funding model, for the first three years a cap of 40% has been imposed on the maximum increase in the group contribution. The percentages of the fixed and variable components are distributed over the budget and final accounts as follows:

  • Year 1 (2009) - fixed component: 47%; variable component 53%;
  • Year 2 (2010) - fixed component: 41%; variable component 59%;
  • Year 3 (2011) - fixed component: 35%; variable component 65%;
  • Year 4 (2012) - fixed component: 29%; variable component 71%;
  • Year 5 (2013) - distribution plan when fully operational is the same as Year 4 (fixed component: 29%; variable component 71%).


The annual contributions must be paid by the members recognised as such by the Executive Board, when the request for fees is sent out. For banking groups, the parent company must pay all the dues for each bank in its group. The banking group's interest is represented by the total interest of each bank in its group. Members must provide the information requested by the Consorzio CBI. It will be used according to the regulations stipulated by the Consortium, to calculate the variable component.  If a member fails to provide the above information, or is late in doing so, the Consortium will apply a penalty in addition to the fees payable. The amount of the penalty will be determined by the Executive Board.

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