Become a Consortium Member

How to join

To join the Consorzio CBI, banks must complete and send the "CUSTOMER TO BUSINESS INTERACTION - CBI APPLICATION FORM", which can be downloaded below. The form contains full information on how to submit the application.


The following documents are referred to on the form, and they can be found in the relevant sections of the website:


  • STPG-MO-001 - New Services General Part;
  • PORTING-MO-001 Porting existing Services;
  • DIRECTORY-MO-001 Directory Requirements.


The banks who are already members of the Association for Interbank Corporate Banking automatically became members of the CBI as a result of the resolution dated 20 May 2008. There is no requirement for any further membership confirmation.


The banks are not required to complete the form again - it is only intended for new members.

Description Date Format
MODULO DI ADESIONE AL CONSORZIO CBI 06-12-2018 Documento in formato Microsoft Word

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