Stakeholder Forum


The word forum immediately brings to mind a group of different parties who interact with each other in relation to a shared interest using various means of communication in order to exchange opinions and develop their knowledge about a certain topic.


The CBI's Stakeholder Forum is an integrated communications project intended to promote direct, effective dialogue between everyone in the CBI Service chain, in order to create a community of interests grouped into technical sections (verification of technicalities related to the cohesion of standards compared to evolving technology standards) and business sections (the use of market testing to verify users' real interest in using the services), as part of a discussion and information-gathering activity led by the Consorzio CBI with a view to regularly analysing the new projects it develops.

Marina Schicchi

Marina Schicchi


Marketing, Communications and Events

Responsible for above and below the line marketing and communications, events management, the websites , and Web 2.0 communications.

Coordinates the coordinated image projects of CBI S.c.p.a.. Plans and coordinates the communication of the brands managed by CBI S.c.p.a..

Handles relations with Italian and international press offices, and deals with the preparation of publications, articles and presentations for Top Management. Responsible for training courses and relations with the Stakeholder Forum.



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