CBI Service

E-Market Place is the term that defines all the regulatory and technological infrastructure used to reconcile the demand and supply of companies operating on virtual Business to Business (B2B) marketplaces, which can be managed by a company acting as Agent. Specifically, the e-Market Place allows operators to publish their offer of goods and services in order to conclude transactions with other operators who also use the MP service, and to settle the transaction fees.


The operativity of the CBI Service has been specifically analysed in order to verify the possibility of allowing clients conducting commercial transactions on virtual B2B markets to transmit payment and collection instructions directly to CBI through a Gateway Bank, whose task is to execute those instructions on behalf of the counterparties, or to forward them to other banks with which the operators hold accounts.


The functions of the CBI also include the execution of payments as part of operations originating on the MP, defined as the MP Function, as this is the only service that offers the real possibility of transmitting payment instructions connected to MP transactions together with the advices and reporting flows.


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