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CBI Service

Interbank Corporate Banking, known as CBI, is an online banking service that was launched in 1995. Through standardised messages, it enables the transmission of payment and collection orders, and the receipt of all the accounting data needed for cash management.

Operation Model
Operation Model

CBI is a service that transmits online data flows relating to banking and commercial transactions provided by a bank (the Access Bank) to a company who is a customer not only of the Access Bank, but also of other banks known as the Executing Banks. The service incorporates an online connection between the company and the Executing Bank, or an Authorised Technical Organisation (STD), and enables e-flows to be exchanged with Executing Banks as well as with the Access Bank through a proprietary infrastructure governed by the CBI S.c.p.a.  The flows set up by the company may contain collection or payment orders, while those set up by the banks contain the results of the collection orders and the information needed for cash management. The new network infrastructure has also enabled a series of innovative, internationally-compliant services in the field of document management, reporting and reconciliation.


CBI S.c.p.a. provides business customers with an adequate level of service, also by checking compliance with the rules. In particular, the CBI Service:

  • centralises a company's relations with the whole banking industry into a single point:
  • provides a wide range of financial, informative and commercial functions;
  • always uses the same communications standard;
  • provides a service tailored to the needs of the individual company;
  • allows integration with company procedures if necessary;
  • provides a service based on cooperation between banks, without impairing competition.

CBI S.c.p.a. - Fiscal Code 97249640588 - R.E.A. N. 1205568

Registered Capital 920.474 € i.v. - VAT Id  08992631005 - LEI Code 52670099B6D3C3176A75