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The Customer to Business Interaction - Consorzio CBI was founded on 20 May 2008, to continue the work of the Interbank Association for Corporate Banking (ACBI), set up in 2001.


The Consorzio CBI defines, on a cooperative basis, the technical and regulatory rules and standards of the "CBI", "CBILL" and Access Point services, as well as managing the connection infrastructure for consortium members, to provide them with online links with clients and to achieve national and international interoperability in service delivery.


"CBI Service" is the consortium's traditional service that has evolved over the years. It allows a business to optimise its entire commercial and financial chain by providing additional document management options, in addition to the collection, payment and information services, guaranteeing full interoperability between the various formats used in financial communities around the world.


Faced with growing demand from central public administrations to establish an effective dialogue with the banking sector, the Consorzio CBI has also developed the "CBI Access Point services", which allow the central administrations to access the CBI network directly, and to arrange payments and collections to and from the banks.


Another facility launched recently was “CBILL” a service that allows credit institutions to offer home and corporate banking customers the opportunity to view accounts and pay bills issued by "invoicers" online, through multi-bank, multichannel systems.


The Consorzio CBI also certifies the Technical Intermediaries authorized to operate on its network, between the consortium members and clients, in delivering the CBI Service. The Consortium also provides training and information, organises conventions and hosts informative meetings. In accordance with regulatory and legal restrictions it also provides instrumental and complementary corporate banking services to consortium members. In this regard it may have specific service delivery agreements with public or private companies, institutions and bodies in Italy or abroad.


Based on its experience in creating community standards and managing common infrastructures, Consorzio CBI has developed the PSD2 compliant API Guidelines and the Pan-European platform CBI Globe - Global Open Banking Ecosystem supporting payment service providers (PSPs) to minimize the impact of the new legislation.


Consorzio CBI may hold equity interests in companies and other organisations.


Consorzio CBI is open to the Italian Banking Association (ABI) as well as banks, financial intermediaries and other operators licensed under national and European laws and regulations on payment services in Italy and the EU.


Consorzio CBI

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