CBI is committed to achieving sustainable development objectives: Protecting the environment and natural resources as well as respecting fundamental human rights. CBI focuses on gauging and managing its impact in environmental, social and governance terms. In particular, CBI is committed to implementing some of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production: CBI is green by design, since digitising processes and reporting systems has always been at its core. The Company addresses sustainability issues in providing services and infrastructure to benefit the payments ecosystem. CBI implements centralised solutions with a low environmental impact. These actually tend to absorb less energy than decentralised infrastructures, which use their energy resources to gain trust and acceptance among their beneficiaries.

Gender equality

Gender equality: CBI constantly strives to highlight the importance of gender equality.  In December 2019, CBI signed the “Donne in Banca” Charter promoted by the Italian Banking Association (ABI). Focusing the banking industry’s attention on gender parity and equal opportunities, the project is perfectly reflected in CBI’s values and we apply the principles set out in the Charter on a daily basis.  When recruiting personnel, CBI offers equal opportunities to women and men. CBI is constantly engaged in various national and international conferences on this issue, also as a tool to modernise and restore Italy’s competitiveness.

Decent work and economic growth:

Decent work and economic growth: CBI promotes policies geared towards developing support for productive activities, creating respectable jobs, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

In addition to objective 5, CBI supports Objective 8 of the Agenda2030. CBI is an equal rights employer, welcoming diversity and promoting gender equality in the workplace. CBI staff members are all requested to adhere to high standards of integrity and professional conduct according to CBI values.  CBI is committed to fostering an open-minded work culture, respectful of differences and does not tolerate conduct that is discriminatory, in any way or kind.  

CBI’s main objectives are: gender and wage equality, national, cultural and religious diversity in the workplace, in addition to professional growth and a work/life balance for all of its employees.  

CBI supports FAI

CBI supports FAI (a nonprofit foundation protecting Italy's historical, artistic landscape heritage) through its corporate membership as a Golden Donor.  Together with FAI, we wish to develop an ambitious project and cultural challenge, one that aims to protect our environment, whilst making Italy a better place in which to live, work and raise our children. The landscape and cultural heritage, which FAI safeguards and promotes, represents an unique capital globally and the key resource in which to invest in order to reawaken, develop and enhance our wonderful country! 

CBILL per il sociale

Furthermore, through the project “CBILL per il Sociale”, for several years CBI has been supporting non-profit organisations and bodies that are continuously striving to give a better future to those who really need it.

On the “CBILL per il Sociale” Facebook page we share updates and information on these initiatives and publish positive solidarity news.




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