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The amount of digital data we produce doubles every year.

This means twice as many possibilities for business entities to have increasingly more accurate and reliable information about their customers.

Products and services developed on Big Data paradigms are already available on the market for the banking and financial industry, so we have decided to offer you something really different that stands out in terms of customer knowledge and customer experience.

The Big Data CBI service is developed in a cooperative environment thanks to a centralised Data Lake that receives the transactional data concerning the CBI Service of all the members, accurately analysed through analytical models built on Big Data paradigms.

In addition, only data referring to your operations will be displayed, to make qualitative and quantitative assessments against the KPIs of the systemic view, while being able to integrate this information with your own systems.

This is how CBI Big Data enables a Data-Driven approach, allowing you to improve your customer relations, identify trends in advance and create customised offers.



  • centralised infrastructure that stores, aggregates and enhances the data made available by all Intermediaries participating in the Service;
  • multi-bank approach, offering a systemic view of data and increasing your analytical abilities;
  • enhancement of data from various sources in a fast, cost-effective and efficient way;
  • mapping the network of relations between business customers to increase knowledge about behaviour within the national economic system;
  • availability of large amounts of data with which to design and integrate commercial, credit or risk management strategies;
  • improved predictive capability for internal analyses as a result of econometric models based on network variables;
  • use of aggregated and anonymised data that protects the competitive scope of individual members;
  • respect for privacy and protection of processed data due to an encryption process that makes it impossible to trace the identity of individual companies and ensures the competitiveness of the entire system.





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