Electronic Invoice

Amongst the functions offered to the clients, the most significant one is "End-to-end sending of structured documentation" (e-invoice) , belonging to the Documentation Management Area. This service has been developed contemplating the possibility of combining it other typical financial services (such as advance on invoices, payment and reconciliation, filing, management of disputes, credit documentation, etc.), some of which are offered on a competitive basis.


The objective is to facilitate dematerialisation and process integration both in relation to Business-to-Business (B2B) and in Businessto-Government (B2G) relations .


As a link between administrative and financial processes, E-Invoicing represents an important crossroad in the path towards a complete integration of the Order-Delivery-Invoicing-Payment cycle , inside organisations and especially in the network of relations between clients and suppliers. An example of one of the services offered by consortium members through CBI is the possibility for a company to generate an invoice for an order, request payment for the same inserting the relative data, and to reconcile the invoice with the incoming transfer following payment.


Working electronically obviously facilitates both the filing (and retrieving) of documentation, their exchange, and reconciliation rendering the entire commercial - logistics - financial chain potentially automatic. Moreover, the outgoing (and incoming) invoices can be advanced (financed) by one's bank, again electronically, for a better management of liquidity. The integration of invoices and payments/financing further enables greater streamlining and simplification of processes, with a significant savings of up to 70- 80% compared to the traditional invoice on paper and its management costs.


Consorzio CBI

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